Annette von Bieber, an ocean lifestyle brand, designs and creates unique ocean-inspired items made in Italy.  After swimming with wild and free dolphins, I started DolphinArt Italy a few years ago and have now expanded it with two new lines 
that are very close to my heart. 


Accessories, Fashion, and Jewelry

Made in Italy by Annette von Bieber

ocean vibes inclusive by avb, made in italy


~ sporty ~

my ocean muse by avb, made in italy


~ chic ~

I never followed specific fashion trends and always implemented my own idea about fashion, but I have two favorite designers who are my great role models, Chiara Boni, who has always viewed fashion as a free form of expression, and Giorgio Armani!
I adore and admire them and their graceful, simple, elegant, and timeless style.
Using the words of King Giorgio: My work has one single goal: giving women the inner strength that comes with being at ease, with who they are and what they are wearing.

You can dress well with little, and you don't have to go shopping every day. Fashion must return to its true function, to feel comfortable in it, to bring your inner light to shine and to live. When the whole world has gone crazy, safe but good design can be revolutionary - and empower you to do revolutionary things. Minimal clothes and design, but with a powerful image. A style that never follows fashions and for this reason, it’s always trendy. Let’s conquer the world with my muse and brand ambassador the OCEAN. 

ocean vibes by annettevonbieber, waves

My goal is to create a fashion line that includes different articles, and that involves all those who love to have unique and handmade items. Have dreams and have goals! In my future vision, this brand wants to give a complete answer to all those looking for a fashion solution suitable for every need, with the right accessories, an expression of yourself, timeless, pure, gentle, and precious but with a strong character and with that sense of chic. 

ocean vibes inclusive packaging AvB, blue backpack

No plastic or leather here! 
This cute backpack, 100% cotton, is the packaging material for clothes and accessories.

my ocean muse label, conch shell

The jewelry comes to you in a cute little jewelry box.

Annette von Bieber for ocean lovers

Let`s swim together.