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Bougainvillea, flowers from Bimini
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Dolphin House Bimini, Art, Design, Dolphins
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swimming with wild and free dolphins, boat, dolphin watch

My beloved dolphin pod with TILLY. She is a young juvenile in the Bimini, Bahamas Atlantic spotted dolphin population. She is recognized by a scar above her pectoral fin and a notch in her tail. Many times we swam together. 
I love and miss you, little ANGEL! See you soon again.

Swimming with wild dolphins around the world is an unforgettable experience. It's a moment where the past meets the future. The moment of Now. Being a guest in their world is a humbling experience and when they choose to connect with us our hearts are filled with unconditional love. 
It's a moment of bliss. Dolphin bliss... 

wild and free dolphins, ocean vibes
guitar, music, film, theatre, a kind of magic, AvB

 Music, film and theatre, a kind of magic. 

dog puppy, dog lover, my little friend

A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart.

Hibiscus by Annette von Bieber, flower

Stop and smell the Hibiscus.

baby gecko on house wall by Annette von Bieber

I can stick to any surface, especially  your heart.

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Don't be afraid to ROCK the boats, cars or motorcycles.

Art, Design Vatican, by Annette von Bieber

Art makes you fly.

poetry in the night sky by AvB
poetry night sky by Annette von Bieber
poetry by Annette von Bieber
dream catcher

Catch your dreams in a net of love and let them find their way into the universe.
Annette von Bieber

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Adriatic coast, Italy, waves, sea

Reach out and touch the waves of love.